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5 cleaning tips from mom that we should remember

Of course we hated it when our mother threatened to take a garbage bag and throw away everything that was lying around in our room. She only meant it well and wanted to educate us to be more orderly and clean.

After all, mothers and fathers have years of experience in running a household and know common tips and tricks on how not only to encourage children to tidy up, but also to make housework easier for yourself.

The five tips that we are now showing you may sound familiar to you from home and you have long since forgotten them. But now you should take a closer look, because these tricks are very easy and save a lot of time cleaning your home.

Parchment paper on the cupboards

Baking paper belongs under the pizza or the fries in the oven, but on cupboards? Yes, exactly there! In particular, a lot of fat is deposited on kitchen cabinets, not to mention the dust. And who climbs up the ladder to clean the cupboards on top of the major plastering … This debacle can be solved super easily with baking paper, because grease and other deposits collect on the paper and can be quickly and easily removed from the room. Try it out, you’ll be surprised how dirty it looks on top of your cupboards.

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Cleaning upholstery made easy

Spilled on the sofa again or bought a new couch cheaply but smelly? Then sprinkle some baking soda on it!

Yes, you read that correctly, baking soda can help against odors as well as heavier soiling such as blood or urine stains. In the case of light stains or bad smells, it is sufficient to pour the baking soda on the affected area, leave it on for a few hours and finally vacuum it off.

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Heavier soiling can be removed by moistening the baking soda a little after application and ideally letting it soak in for a whole day or overnight. Then it is vacuumed again and the upholstery shines in new splendor.

Dry sponges properly

We should always hang up damp rags and sponges and never leave them lying soaking wet. The fact that they will otherwise start to smell unpleasant and bacteria will form on them is certainly nothing new. But what can you do if you don’t have any space in your small kitchen to place the sponge so that it can dry on both sides? A clever solution is to take a large multi-purpose clamp, also called a foldback clamp, and place the sponge in there. This way you take up as little space as possible and don’t have to dispose of the sponge after every second use.

Vinegar in the kettle

Why should you always spend money on a 5-minute descaler when you can do the whole thing more conveniently and significantly more cheaply, practically overnight? You have made an excellent investment with a bottle of white vinegar, because you can use it to descale your kettle dozens of times – without any chemicals. Simply fill the container with water up to the limescale deposits before going to bed or before work, add a generous dash of vinegar and let it work for a few hours. Then bring the vinegar water to the boil and rinse the container a little more until the vinegar smell has disappeared.

Quickly clean microwave

Cleaning the microwave is probably one of the tasks that one likes to avoid the most and the longest. If the tomato sauce from the last spaghetti bolognese has stuck to the inside of the microwave for days, removing it becomes more and more laborious. A quick remedy here is a mix of water and lemon. Filled into a heat-resistant container and heated at the maximum level for five minutes, we have created the perfect prerequisite. Now all you have to do is wipe it lightly with a sponge or cloth and the incrustations will loosen as if by themselves.

Source: 5 Reinigungstipps von Mutti, die wir uns merken sollten

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