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7 steps to clean the house in 3 hours

7steps to clean the house in 3 hours

Do you work and can you only clean the house once a week? Wondering how it is possible to organize house cleaning in a simple and effective way without wasting too much time? There is a way to organize (and do) household chores quickly. But you will have to adopt a new system

Find out how to clean the house effectively in just 3 hours to dedicate the rest of the day to your family and your interests.

.I recommend that you take your smartphone and set the timer to check the time.

Tidy up every room

The best way to clean your house quickly is to tidy up all the rooms. A tidy house immediately looks cleaner. If you free up the spaces you will move more easily and will be more effective

Grab a basin and put in everything that is messy and out of place. It will help you make room to clean well without scattering objects from one side to the other.

To simplify this procedure, it is advisable to take one basin per room (one for the bathroom, one for the kitchen, one for the rooms…). When the time comes to put it back in place, you will have everything divided.

Spend a maximum of 15 minutes on this activity

2 Spray the cleaner on the bathroom fixtures

Use a bathroom cleaner or, if you prefer, make a DIY solution. Put some hot water, half a glass of white vinegar, a few drops of clear dish soap and 5 drops of essential oil in a spray bottle. Choose the one you like best.

Spray liberally on the toilet, bidet, shower and sink. Let it sit before opening windows throughout the house.

It will take you 5 minutes to prepare the solution and spray

3 Open the windows

Open the windows in every room and let in light and fresh air. It would be good to open them every morning, but even more so when cleaning. Air and sun serve to decrease the dust in the rooms and to fight against mites. Keep the windows open for at least ten minutes.

If you have valves installed on your radiators, I recommend that you turn them off while the windows are open to save energy. If they are in action while you change the air, they will consume much more.

Let’s count 5 minutes and that’s a lot

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4 Clean the bathroom

Start from the top. First remove the dust from the wall units that contain the products you like so much, then clean the mirror. Use a suitable cleaner, scrub and then wipe with a microfiber cloth or newspaper to avoid leaving marks. Apply the same process to the glass in the shower.

With a damp cloth, clean the toilet. You’ve let the cleaner sit for several minutes, so you’ll have very little effort. Also rinse the bidet, sink and shower. Be careful not to use the same cloth with which you cleaned the toilet. At this point, take the bathroom items from the basin and rearrange them. Finally, pass the broom or a thermostatic cloth on the floor. Empty the trash.

For the bathroom, set the timer to 25 minutes.

5 Clean the kitchen

If you have followed my advice you will have already freed the countertop from the objects you keep daily.

Clear the table and pull up the chairs then dust off the open shelves in your kitchen. Clean the cooking area and the sink with the products you usually use and if you have an exposed hood pass a cloth to keep it always clean and shiny. Take a few minutes to remove any stains from the doors.

It is not necessary to spend hours in the kitchen to disinfect every single appliance. I recommend that you degrease one in rotation every week, favoring the ones you use most frequently. By doing this you will not accumulate too many things and you can clean the house quickly without going crazy.

Don’t forget to sweep and rearrange items in the kitchen!

The time to clean the kitchen is between 20 and 30 minutes.

6 Clean the rooms

Kitchen and bathroom are the environments to which you will need to devote more attention and time. Also for this reason I suggest you take them off immediately. The living room and bedroom are significantly faster.

First make the bed. Adhere to a super practical lifestyle even in the bedroom: with the duvet cover in the morning you make the bed in a couple of minutes!

Starting from the bedrooms, he dusts bedside tables, tables, wardrobes and all the surfaces that need them. Use the products that best suit the materials in the bedroom and living room, taking care not to damage them. Put away the items you collected earlier.

Before washing the floors, use a broom or cloth to collect dust.

Time for 1 room and stay: 30 minutes.

7 Clean the floors

As a last step to having a shiny home, all you have to do is wash the floors quickly.

Prepare a bucket with plenty of hot water and the ideal floor cleaner for your home. Start in the rooms so they dry quickly and you can stay in your room while you wait for the rest of the floor to dry. If you prefer to lie on the sofa and watch TV, start by mopping the living room floor.

Then move on to the kitchen and bathroom. Plan to change the water before cleaning in the bathroom for greater hygiene.

At this point you are done cleaning the house and you have the rest of the day at your disposal

expedition. If you have a little extra time you could dedicate yourself to laundry: do the washing machine, hang out, iron. The advice is to start the washing machine one night during the week (preferably Wednesday or Thursday because it is closer to the weekend) so you don’t have to worry about it on Saturday or Sunday and have clean clothes.

Consider taking 30 minutes to scrub the floors

According to my calculations you would solve the weekly cleaning in 2 hours and 20 minutes. Not bad, right?

Tips for keeping your home tidy every day

Now you know how to clean the house. You just have to keep it tidy during the week. If you adopt these good habits, cleaning the house once a week will be quick and easy. Don’t worry, they will take you less time than you might think.

Open the windows every day, at least in the bedroom

Make your bed every morning: when you come back in the evening it will feel more welcoming

After brushing your teeth, remove any residual toothpaste from the sink and any splashes from the mirror

Clean the stove immediately after cooking to keep it from caking

Put the dishes in the dishwasher as soon as you’re done with dinner – your kitchen will be tidy right away

Collect crumbs from the table and mop every night to keep the floors clean

Do you want to save even more time? Share tasks equally with your partner or children.

A good organization for ‘deep’ cleaning once a week and a small daily routine will allow you to clean the house quickly and well without going crazy. This is also what experts and specialist cleaning firms recommend


7step per pulire casa in 3 ore

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